Art of the Game began its journey with a single sports card. Each card became a portal, transporting me to different times and places, and my role as an artist was to take you on this journey with me. This website is dedicated to showcasing my art of the game across all sports. Inspired by my love for the game, it has driven me to create unique artistic pieces that capture the essence of the game.
Established in 2002, our studio has worked across various disciplines and industries, collaborating with renowned clients such as Disney, Pepsi, MLB, and ESPN. While working under the name "Artek" and helping brands tell their stories, Andrew, the creative force behind Art of the Game, has also pursued his personal artistic voice and fine art practice. Pushing boundaries and continuously evolving, he has emerged as an accomplished artist in the art world, participating in group exhibitions and holding two solo shows.In recent years, Andrew has immersed himself in the sports world, becoming one of the most sought-after artists for his baseball cards and collectibles. His dedication and passion have propelled him to new heights, making his work highly coveted.